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single-element Powder

Au, Ag, Cu, Al, W, Mo, Ta, Zn, Co, Nb, Si, B, Go, CNTs, C ...

Oxide Powder

SiO, SiO, ZnO, CuO, R-TiO2, ZrO2, a-Fe2O3, Fe3O4, NiO, MgO, WO3...

Silicide Powder

MoSi2, ZrSi2, HfSi2, TiSi2, WSi2, TaSi2,...

Carbide Powder

SiC, TiC, B4C, WC, Cr3C2, TaC, NbC, HfC, MoC, TiCN, AlCN....

Nitride Powder

AlN, TiN, BN, α-Si3N4, β-Si3N4, ZrN, CrN, VN, Mg3N2,...

Boride Powder

TiB2, ZrB2, HfB2, VB2, Ni2B, LaB6, CaB6, SiB6, MoB,...

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About US

Dongguan Multi-material Corporation Ltd,. is a worldwide high-tech enterprise in advanced material industry. Relying on the continuous innovation of technology and efficient operation models, we provide customers with high-quality products as well as sincere services.

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Stable Supply Chain

With a well-established stable supply chain and long-term partnership with suppliers, we better respond to your needs with no delay and secure the materials supply for you.

Strict Quality Control

Trusted by the world’s leading PVD coating materials enterprises, famous universities and institutes, Xinkang follows the quality standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in the whole process of PVD coating products.

Why Choose Us

We Can Not Only Provide You With Excellent Service, Cost-Effective and Good-Quality Products, But Also Customize Products According To Your Needs.

Fast Lead Time

We can follow up on your schedule and remain quality as a PVD coating materials supplier even if you need it urgently. Regular products are in stock, and customized products are delivered within 2-4 weeks; Enjoy fast production with experienced manufacturers directly.

Full Customer-orientation

We have established 5+ years of partnership with most of our customers, as customer value and satisfaction are always our first thoughts.

One Stop Solution

Xinkang can provide a full range of solutions for PVD coating materials, including sputtering materials, evaporation materials, evaporation sources, as well as various bonding solutions.

Customization Service

No matter R&D customization or mass production, your requiremen can be met here

OEM and ODM factory, experienced and customized

Advanced machinery and equipment, professional technical team, ensure the quality of our products.

Fast delivery, follow-up logistics and customer usage. If there